Our store dates back to 2017. The opening of the Street Pie Store was a logical continuation of our online magazine, in which we published the street style we filmed during the European Fashion Weeks.


We wanted to create a new world - with those European brands that have not yet been in Moscow. And we did it. The Street Pie Store is now the only Moscow concept store to stock the eco-friendly Veja sneakers, the Kestin Hare collections, recycled Monokel Eyewear acetate frames and more.


At the same time, we continued to develop the magazine. During this time, our team has grown into a full-fledged editorial office. We introduce readers to the new brands that are represented in the Street Pie Store, publish interviews with their creators, talk about the importance of smart consumption and continue to share the best street style chronicle photos.

Street Pie Store - our principles


We always knew exactly how we wanted to see our store. For us, Street Pie Store is not just a retail business. This is a philosophy that we would like to develop globally. That is why we strictly adhere to four basic principles in our work:

High quality at an affordable price


We are constantly on the lookout for brands that create really high quality clothing and set a fair price for it. Perfectly thought-out patterns, natural fabrics and special attention to detail - everything must match. Such things can and should be worn for years - they will never go to the basket immediately after the first wash and will delight you all the time. Before we bring a brand to our store, even if it is a status and famous one, first we personally test the ratio of quality and value of the assortment, and only then we make a decision on the purchase.

Sustainability and Conscious Consumption


Careful use of natural resources, preservation of artisan traditions, fair wages and minimal damage to the environment - we pay special attention to this when choosing brands. All brands presented in the store share our philosophy. From Norse Projects to Blue Blue Japan, each brand meets our principles and global eco-standards.




Our customers are people of different ages, professions and world views. In one thing, they are similar: each of them is a unique personality. We try to reflect this feature in the assortment of our store. Street Pie Store cooperates with many brands on the terms of exclusivity. For example, the iconic Veja sneakers in Moscow are officially presented only in our store. It's the same with the Kestin Hare brand. On the Russian market, the brand's collections can be found exclusively in the Street Pie Store.


Balance of timeless classics and main trends


Every piece on display at Street Pie Store is carefully selected. Along with the timeless classics, we are also eager to follow the current trends. Only those that remain relevant after several seasons pass the selection. We were able to achieve expertise in this area thanks to constant analysis and research. Working on the content of the online magazine, we study trends, follow the news in the fashion world, communicate with trendsetters - all this helps to create the ideal, in our opinion, assortment.


Street Pie Store - Media about us


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Street Pie Store - we are chosen


Anastasia Nesterenko



Liza Rudkevich


Yura Makarychev, On-The-Go group


Lizaveta Shaturova, fashion editor of Afisha Daily

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